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Hi, I’m Vickie Briolat, Owner of TopNotch Real Estate Education.

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m hoping I can help you with your real estate education needs. I know that it is important to know who you are doing business with so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.

As you can see from the photo, I am married and that is my wonderful husband, Edward Briolat. He has been one of my biggest fans over the years. I am also a mother with 5 children, three daughters of my own, and a son and daughter I inherited with my awesome husband. We are very blessed.

Like a lot of you, I am not a “native” to Northwest Arkansas. I’m a Texas girl born and raised. I moved to this area in 1996 and it became my home both in my heart and my everyday life. I worked a corporate job my first 10 years in Arkansas but I felt a “tug” toward the real estate industry. So in 2003 I took the plunge, got my real estate license, and started listing and selling real estate. But it was MORE than that to me. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and show them my home (Northwest Arkansas) which I fell more in love with each time I had the pleasure to “share” it with others.

I’m an avid believer in education so that prompted me to dive further into my industry and obtain my broker’s license as well as my Certified Residential Specialist certification. What this really means to you is that I love my industry, I have a passion for it, and I have a desire to share that with each and every one of you!

I have developed a teaching technique which keeps people engaged and makes the learning process enjoyable.  We actually have fun, not something you typically associate with real estate classes.  That’s why we say we're “Notch” Your Typical RE Classes!

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