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Loved The Energy

- David, Sales Agent

"Vickie was great, loved the energy.  The personal experiences & conversations were very helpful and interesting.  E-mail me again when I need classes, I will gladly make it!"

Best in Northwest Arkansas - Steve

Vickie is professional and has a lot of interest in the subject she is teaching. She kept the students engaged.

Vickie makes the class fun and interesting by making everybody participate. - Wally

Vickie kept the class fun and professional. Included us and made us feel comfortable in being engaged. Easy to communicate with Vickie. - LoAnn

This class was very relatable and easy to follow. Vickie was very engaging and kept the class interesting. - Christiane

Vickie is a great teacher. She makes the subject easy to understand and fun to discuss with others in the class. - Stephanie

I've taken these classes several times and by different companies. Vickie was a blast and so easy going. We will use her again for sure. - Aaron Ingle

Vickie always has a fun and informative class. She is a subject matter expert and does a good job of involving everyone in the class. - Keith

Vickie is amazing and always makes class entertaining! I always learn something new when I attend her classes.

I truly enjoyed this class, which I was initially dreading. It was fun and I learned way more than I thought I would.

Vickie is amazing. She has a great energy to help us learn. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher. I can't wait for my next opportunity to learn something new from her again. MUST attend!!!

Vickie was well prepared and knowledgeable. She managed our time really well, shared personal experiences to connect the information, and allowed for our questions. - Cindy

I love how Vickie makes the class interactive so it's not being "talked at" all day.

Vickie, thank you for the great class. You kept me awake and engaged from start to finish. - Erin

Vickie is my first choice whenever I have to do a class. She is always fun and the day is enjoyable. - Stephanie

Vickie always makes sure new information is shared every single time. Class involvement and videos makes the class interesting and informative and always makes the class go by quickly. - Amy

This is my 3rd year coming to TopNotch for CE. Vickie is always awesome and makes what could be an extremely boring day a lot of fun.

Although we are required to take post-license class for RE, Vickie made it worthwhile. The enthusiasm, real life examples, and education provided are priceless! I will continue to look to her for professional and personal mentorship. - Ashleigh

Vickie is great! I really dreaded the time commitment but she made the time fly by. - Gary

I was not looking forward to 2 FUN DAYS of classes but Vickie was wonderful. She made class so interesting and I learned so much. Her use of past experiences really helped me understand all the content. Really enjoyed her class.

Vickie brought extensive knowledge to the training and delivered the content in a very efficient and fun manner.


Vickie was as knowledgeable as they come. Well versed in contracts and RE law and used real-world experiences to help emphasize the material.

Fantastic post license course. Vickie is fun, engaging, informative, and very genuine. Cannot recommend enough. - Eric

Vickie is a talented agent and a genuinely kind and warm hearted person. I thoroughly enjoyed taking her class and learned a lot. - Lauren

Vickie is an excellent teacher. She used techniques that helped clarify the course lessons and made them memorable. I recommend her course and will use her again in the future. - Sherri

Scored an "A" for keeping us all engaged. We even stayed awake in the afternoon after a big meal. - Phil

Class was not boring. Very engaging. Instructor was knowledgeable, consistent and personable. I enjoyed this class.

Wonderful class. Vickie was great, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I will definitely continue to use TopNotch. - Brianna


Vickie is an absolute delight! Entertaining and informative. I can't wait to use TopNotch for my CE.

Thank you Vickie for making this CE class so enjoyable by including group participation, fun videos, and personal stories. - Becky


Vickie always puts on an engaging and informative class! She makes CE FUN! - Ali

Vickie always makes the class interesting. You always leave with new found knowledge. - Chuck


Teacher very engaging - easy to pay attention. Teacher has lots of experience - knows what she's talking about. - David


I love everything about this class, including the teacher, the materials, the donuts and stories. I couldn't be bored in this class. - Tran


Highly recommend TopNotch. Vickie is great. She understands these are classes we HAVE to take. That said, she makes it very informative and actually pleasurable to sit through.

Vickie is a wonderful teacher - not just a job for her but a mission to prepare her students. You could really tell she cared about her students and wants them to succeed. My second time to take her classes. Will definitely take her classes again - Jeanette

This class was so informative and also kept me engaged. The content was well organized and put together. I love it when an instructor loves their job and makes learning fun. I will definitely attend more classes by TopNotch. Highly Recommend! - Christy

Vickie is truly passionate about teaching agents how to be serving and well equipped for the public in their real estate needs. Very thankful for this class.

Vickie made this class fun and engaging. She has a gift for making everyone feel comfortable and building personal relationships. She did an awesome job!!


TopNotch is the most entertaining, informative class I have attended in NWA.

Will never take CE or any other mandatory classes with anyone else. Vickie is awesome. - Greg

This was a very fun and engaging class. Vickie kept a fresh perspective and provided a lot of insight from personal experience in the field. Thank you! - Mallory

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