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Brokers and Salespersons share same objectives and can take 7 hour continuing education together this year. No division between salespersons and brokers.

For 2024, TopNotch Real Estate Education is offering the mandatory course of “Whose Agent Am I Anyway”? The course will cover 3 hours on Agency and Disclosure and what your fiduciary duties are to the parties you represent.


There will be another 3-hour elective course and it could range from Contracts, Advertising, or Property Management. Ethics will be due again in 2023. There will be 1 hour on Safety, which we cover every year.


The Education provided will meet all AREC requirements for 2024!

Please check our calendar frequently for dates of upcoming classes. We offer post-license for Salespersons, and CE for both Salespersons and Brokers. All 7-hour CE courses provided by TopNotch Real Estate Education will include all required educational objectives including Safety. Education provided will meet all AREC requirements.


New Post-License Education Deadline for New Licensees

New Salespersons or Brokers licensed on or after January 1st, 2018, will be required to complete their post-license education by the end of the 6th month following their date of licensure.  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM 12 MONTHS SO PLEASE MAKE NOTE!

Please use our "Sign-Up Here" tab on top menu bar to sign-up for classes. Registration form is required for proper planning purposes. Payment can be made through PayPal when signing up or you are more than welcome to make payment the day of class.

18 Hour Post-License class for new agents will be offered EVERY EVEN # MONTH.


The first quarter of EVERY YEAR, TopNotch Real Estate Education is being devoted to creating new content for new CE course requirements. It will be fun, interactive and creative for our students because we believe that learning should be FUNdamental! You can also find me on Facebook at TopNotch Real Estate Education.

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